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Sustainability Business Leader

Summary of the role:

The Sustainability team in Global Procurement is a key contributor in delivering Volvo’s commitment for the highest standards in the sustainability field. In short, our biggest job will be to solve the consumer dilemma of moving freely, yet sustainably.  We need to act now and dare to act boldly. By 2025, our total carbon emissions per car will have to decrease by 40%, including major reductions in emissions from our supply chain. 


What will you do?

In APAC we have more than 1500 suppliers and they in turn have a big network of sub-suppliers. This means that we have a great challenge but also a huge opportunity to make a true impact on the whole industry when it comes to Climate impact and how Business is conducted in an Ethical & Responsible manner. As a member of the Procurement Sustainability team, you will be collaborating closely with our Buyers and Supplier Quality Management engineers with deliverables like:

  • Leading the work to carbon neutral supply chains, with the ambition of 100% renewable energy by 2025 for tier 1 suppliers.
  • Leading the work to increase circularity in materials. By 2025, secure our ambition of 25% recycled plastics, and significantly increased use of recycled steel and aluminium. 
  • Leading the work to secure our supply chains are responsible and ethical at all levels and tiers, aiming for full transparency and traceability.
  • Ensuring that CO2, Circularity & Responsible business is part of every sourcing decision and provide tools for buyers to act on sustainability elements with clarity and confidence.
  • Measuring, reporting and providing a holistic view of Climate action, Circularity and Responsibility in the supply chain.
  • Investigating new opportunities in renewable energy, materials and responsible business.
  • Developing and driving sustainability initiatives such as sustainability tech shows and supply chain renewable energy campaigns.



Why do you fit the profile?

  • Be highly knowledgeable in the sustainability field and know how to balance and merge environmental, social and economic business aspects to shape the future of mobility.
  • Be forward looking with proven track record of transforming operations to become planet positive in terms of CO2 and circularity.
  • Have experience of CO2 mapping according to relevant standards and methodologies (e.g. GHG protocol) and renewable energy application to reduce CO2 footprint.
  • Have strong influence power to promote and drive sustainability within organization and supplier base.
  • Have strong data management skills, take ownership and have strong collaboration skills.
  • Have prior experience of working with supply chain evaluations.
  • Be used to analyse complex sustainability data from digital sources to gain insights for business purposes and decision making.
  • A true change-maker, with a passionate belief that Volvo Cars can have a planet positive impact as a company.
  • A person with a global mindset working with business partners from all regions (good English speaker).
  • An excellent communicator, with ability to inspire and create emotional connection.
  • Collaborating and building relations based on trust.
  • Creative and dare to challenge and try new ideas.
  • In possession of a university degree in a relevant field to sustainability.
  • Highly experienced with proven track records of successful implementation of CO2 and circular economy transformation.

VCCN-Shanghai Jiading (APHQ), CN

Job requisition ID:  63631

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