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Data Scientist

Who You Are

You are a Data Scientist familiar and hands on experience in Data Science methods and tools. You realise that data is not always perfect and know ways to handle that. You convert data into actionable insights, automise analysis and make machine learning models.


At Research & Development, Data Science CVE you will be a key contributor to be able to work in a data driven way with vehicle data, customer data and other types of data related to above. We need you in our mission to create cars to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way. Together with other engineers, data scientists and data engineers around the world, you and your team will create innovative human-centric car technology that makes life less complicated and more enjoyable for people.

Are you interested in data analysis, working with vehicle data and customer data?  

Do you share our passion for people, the environment, and our urge to create a great customer experience? Research and Development is the place for you to prosper.

Business Structure Linkage.


This role resides within the team of Complete Vehicle Engineering department. The role will work hands on with data science tasks, as analytics, machine learning, driven by business demands. Your position will be in a local team, but also a part of a global team where it’s possible to learn from each other. It is a great position for personal development.


What You’ll Do.


As a Data Scientist, you work with feature engineering, modelling and set up appropriate ways to handle data and make sure that quality of all steps is maintained. You work in a data science team locally in China, in R&D, APAC. You follow global design patterns and locally adapted where necessary. The data is most often vehicle data and customer data, as well as other data needed. You will support whole R&D with data and analytics and continue the transformation of R&D to facilitate data driven development and customer focus. Natural partners are Quality and EO-Digital(IT).


When handling customer related raw data, which is needed in many instances, it is important to understand local privacy laws and other data laws. You will keep updated with help from the team to set up guidelines to be compliant.


In summary, as a Data Scientist, you are a hands-on doer, when needed also developing others.



Your Responsibility.


  • Work closely together with data providers as e.g., Quality, Connected Car/Telematics(ConX), Vehicle Data and Diagnostics, (VDD) and Engineering and Operations-Digital (IT).
  • Liaise with Data Science CVE global, use global design patterns, and local where necessary
  • Liaise with interfaces as, Engineering and Operations-Digital (IT), Quality and internal R&D stake holders
  • Collaborate with R&D internal functions as Consumer Data and Data Driven Transparency
  • Continuous improvements of processes, methods, technology and tools for R&D, APAC within the Data Science area
  • Training of employees in Data Science methods and tools when needed
  • Facilitate cross-functional coordination
  • Participate in hands on Data Science projects
  • Coach and hands on help other organisations (R&D) to start up own Data Science initiatives.
  • Development of data products regarding customer and product.



You And Your Skills.


Required skills

  • Excellent skills on coding, Data Science programming experiences on (e.g. Python) etc. are required
  • Experience in cloud computing and cloud environments
  • Python (and other software as e.g. R) packages for data, machine learning and analytics, such as pandas, scikit learn, etc.
  • Data security principles
  • Data privacy principles
  • Time-series data preparation and manipulation
  • Visualization
  • SQL, NoSQL Database and data warehouse systems such as MySQL based warehouses, HBase, BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake etc.
  • Skilled in Analytics and Machine Learning modelling
  • Good communication, oral and written skills in English


VCCN-Shanghai Jiading (APHQ), CN

Job requisition ID:  61580

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