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Lead Engineer, E-drive System Testing

Summary of the role:

This role involves testing system management, equipment and automation system troubleshooting, test lab improvement, technical support advance testing application, conducting new lab planning and construction.


What will you do?

• Manage test system in E-motor test lab.

• Monitor test system daily operation status, receive issue report during daily operation and do troubleshooting. Collect and analyse failures related to testing system, facilitate to resolve.

• Weekly meeting with PDG counterparts to keep the system commonality with PDG e-motor lab.

• Actively discover defects of testing system during lab daily operation, analyse them and lead improvement. Content involves automation integration, safety reaction, and equipment layout/installation.

• Technical support to advanced testing application in lab.

• Participate test project meeting, receive technical requirement from internal customer, develop proper method/solution to fulfil test requirement, from equipment and automation system perspectives.

• Facilitate the preparation of advanced test in lab, review test result, consider safety and efficiency, and release the final scheme.

• New lab/test capability planning

• Meeting with counterparts in PDG and do market survey for new test labs or new test capabilities, to find qualified potential suppliers for sourcing.

• Lead the technical discussion with suppliers on test lab planning.

• Conduct equipment installation, commissioning, and final acceptance.

• Technical documentation compiling.

• Write technical specifications/guidelines/regulations/manuals in testing system area. Support and lead other colleagues to develop their competence in testing system area.


Why do you fit the profile?

• Bachelor degree or above, major in Automobile Engineering or Automation related

• Deep knowledge of e-motor/e-drive systems testing and automation system (AVL PUMA and HOST).

• Deep knowledge of e-motor/e-drive system (both HW and SW) and has strong sense of failure detecting.

• Good English skills both in written and spoken.

• General IT knowledge, and communication protocol knowledge (CAN, LIN…).

• VB /C /Python knowledge is a plus.

Shanghai, CN, 201807

Job requisition ID:  67896

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