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Team Manager to Embedded SW Test Eng. teams for Core Computer SE 1-jul-2021 Research & Development
White Collar
White Collar SE Research & Development
SE 1-jul-2021 Research & Development
Software Integrator for ART Traction Battery Control SE 7-jul-2021 Research & Development
C++ Software Engineer with architectural responsibility SE 9-jul-2021 Research & Development
Business Training & Rollout Support - Global Online Experience SE 14-jul-2021 Information Technology/Digital
Senior Battery System Architect
Senior Battery System Architect SE Research & Development
SE 19-jul-2021 Research & Development
Brake system CAE engineer - ART Deceleration & steering SE 14-jul-2021 Research & Development
Test Engineering for AI Core Computer in future Volvo Car SE 2-jul-2021 Research & Development
Test Framework Development to AI Core Computer in future Volvo Car SE 23-jul-2021 Research & Development
Retail & Care Talent Salesforce Academy
Retail & Care Talent Salesforce Academy SE Information Technology/Digital
SE 24-jul-2021 Information Technology/Digital