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Robot Engineer

We are people who want to make a difference.

Everything we do starts with people. It’s what makes us different from all other car companies. If you share our belief in the power of people and our passion for human-centric innovation, you will thrive together with brilliant, like-minded colleagues who are committed to making a true difference?


Summary of the role:

Standardize the establishment of robot control standards and function package standards in the workshop, maintain and optimize the robot system in workshop, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of robot equipment in the workshop, improve the utilization rate of robots in the workshop and reduce the labor cost in the workshop.


What you will do?

  • Prepare and implement various process documents, and be responsible for the distribution and change of maintenance process documents in the workshop to ensure the effectiveness, completeness, correctness and uniformity of process documents; Check and supervise the implementation of process discipline and implement corresponding rectification measures
  • Organize and implement the optimization and improvement of workshop robot system, reduce operating costs and improve the stability and reliability of the system
  • Electrical principle, model selection, wiring, simulation and debugging, through simulation research on the balance between workshop people and robots, improve the utilization rate of robots, reduce the cost and workload of workshop people and improve human-machine problems
  • Provide technical support for the robot equipment in the workshop, and be responsible for the formulation of the robot equipment maintenance plan and the formulation and maintenance of the spare parts list.
  • Be responsible for the optimization and improvement of the robot function package in the workshop (welding, gluing, SPR, laser welding), and conduct the design review in the early stage of the Design Review project with ME in the new project to improve the reliability of the equipment;
  • Cooperate with other departments in the workshop to improve the product quality of the workshop, such as adding visual inspection or guidance system.
  • Be responsible for the R&M of the workshop, participate in the selection, design, installation and commissioning of robots in the new model together with the product design and development department
  • Support M3MU in the workshop.


Why do you fit the profile?

  • Educational background:Bachelor’s degree or above, major in welding or electrical automation.
  • Experience requirements: More than 3 years of experience in robot debugging and maintenance, including at least 2 self-leading projects, participating in project design and completing robot debugging.
  • Skill requirements:
  • Could diagnose and deal with electrical problems and guide front-line maintenance to deal with electrical faults.
  • Capable of ABB robot programming, diagnosis and fault handling.
  • Proficient in the operation of ABB robots and be able to complete the installation and commissioning of robots for new projects.
  • Be familiar with the function package of the robot and be able to handle the problem of the function package independently and complete the installation and commissioning of the function package independently in the project.
  • Have strong communication and coordination, problem solving ability, strong innovation ability and pressure resistance ability.
  • Excellent English listening and speaking ability.


Who are we?

Everything we do starts with people. Our purpose is to provide freedom to move, in a personal, sustainable and safe way. We are committed to simplifying our customers’ lives by offering better technology solutions that improve their impact on the world and bringing the most advanced mobility innovations to protect them, their loved ones and the people around them. 

Volvo Cars’ continued success is the result of a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive working environment. The people of Volvo Cars are committed to making a difference in our world. Today, we are one of the most well-known and respected car brands, with over 40,000 employees across the globe. We believe in bringing out the best in each other and harnessing the true power of people. At Volvo Cars your career is designed around your talents and aspirations so you can reach your full potential. Join us on a journey of a lifetime as we create safety, autonomous driving and electrification technologies of tomorrow.

VCCN-Daqing, CN

Job requisition ID:  64577

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