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Facility Engineer - HVAC

Main responsibilities

•    动力图纸审核check and verify the utility drawings

•    动力专业招标技术要求制定prepare the technical specification of utility system for bidding document

•    协调、解决动力施工过程的技术问题 coordinate and solve the utility tech problem  during the construction.

•    动力变更的现场技术签证responsible for the change order control and management in relation to utility system

•    参与动力设备调试、验收工作responsible for test run and commissioning of utility equipment. 

•    配合其他专业的工作/ support with other relevant work in relation to utility system 

•    工厂负责公用动力系统运行及设备的运行和维护,包括PM 及TPM/responsible for the operation and maintenance of the utility system and utility equipment, including PM and TPM

•    对公用动力系统施工及运行承包商进行管理,包括质量、进度、安全等 Management of utility system construction and operation contractors, including quality, schedule and safety etc.



•    全日制大学本科暖通空调、锅炉、给排水或相近专业Bachelor degree, specialize in HVAC/ Boiler / Water supply and drainage engineering or other relevant engineering.

•    8年以上专业工厂建设经验和运行维护经验,汽车制造行业优先/8+ years relevant working experience plant construction and plant operation/maintenance, automobile manufacture industry is preferred.

•    熟练掌握CAD制图、读图技能Software literacy: Auto Cad 

•    熟练掌握国家、行业施工、验收规范Proficiency in the rule of construction ,inspection and receipt ,both country &industry 

•    熟练使用OFFICE、PPT等办公软件Computer literacy: MS office and   PPT

•    具备一定的英语能力/Some English skill

•    良好的沟通能力strong communication skill

•    团队精神teamwork skill 

•    高效的执行能力strong executive skill

•    高压力下的敏捷工作能力be capable of working promptly under pressure.

VCCN-Daqing, CN

Job requisition ID:  62636

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