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Production Supervisor

Summary of the role:

A supervisor is responsible to give teams prerequisites to do their work and achieve targets by using coaching

approach. 生产主管负责给予小组和小组成员完成工作的先决条件,并帮助和辅导他们达到目标。


What you will do:

- Actively drive self-assessment step development and implementation of VCMS within your responsibility


-在责任区域中积极驱动团队发展自审(Step plan)与实施VCMS

- Provide the right environment for your teams to work together effectively with good communication and cooperation both with each other and with relevant support functions.

- 提供良好的条件来支撑你的团队来高效的工作,使得团队之内或与相关部门之间有很好的交流与合作

- Ensure that all the appropriate conditions and prerequisites are in place.


- Secures critical success factors for team work are in place

- 班组班组符合成功的关键要素。

- Stimulates working with QDFIPS roles

- 鼓励运用QPFIPS角色划分来开展工作。

- Ensure your teams understand their responsibility toward the customer and that everybody feels

accountable to deliver to their customer on time and to quality


- Encourage your teams to highlight problems, deviations, opportunities to improve and potential solutions.

- 励你的团队去暴露问题和异常,以及提出改善建议和潜在的解决方案。

- Ensure that the teams own the progress of the actions required to resolve issues.

- 确保你和你的团队及时掌控解决问题的进程。

- Provide your teams the necessary support to drive corrective and improvement actions by ensuring the

required competences are made available in your teams.

- 给予你团队必要的支持,使得他们具备纠正或改善的能力。

- Build up the team’s capability in order to understand their process.

- 建立你团队的精益生产理念,以理解他们的工艺。

- Actively spread good working practices to others and use good practices from others.


- secure that the relevant laws, regulations and procedures are followed by all


- Full responsibility for KPI:s within his/her responsibility area (eg. FTT, Troughput (Jobs per hour) etc)


- Coordinates and prioritize activities and resources between team areas within the supervisor responsibility

area together with teamleaders.


- Responsible for escalations from teamleaders/team members.

- 负责班组长/班组成员的能力的提高


Why do you fit the profile?

• Change management 变更管理

• Coaching (ALL) 辅导(ALL)


• Planning & organizing 规划和组织

• Business Acumen 业务能力

• Training skills 培训他人能力

• Performance Management 绩效管理

• Influencing skills 影响力

• Fluent in English, oral and written读写英语流利

• Yellow Belt or 6 sigma Level 1 certified黄带认证或6西格玛一级认证

VCCN-Chengdu, CN

Job requisition ID:  66982

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