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Production Supervisor (Final Assembly)

The Purpose Of The Position

  • A supervisor is responsible to give teams and team members prerequisites to do their work and achieve targets by acting as a coach and enabler. 生产主管将作为导师和促成者负责带领团队和团队成员有预见性地工作和完成他们的目标。


What You Will Do

  • Operatively responsible so that products and services within the assigned area are performed and delivered in time, within specification, using the right amount of resources regarding material, machines, personnel and taking care of the environment.能够在分配的区域内执行和及时交付产品和服务,并能在规范内考虑到材料、机器、人员和环境情况,正确使用资源数量。
  • Secure that the team understands the direction (mission, vision, strategy, targets, rules, safety laws and regulations).确保团队成员了解工作方向(包括使命、愿景、战略、目标、规则、安全法律和法规等)。
  • Act according to and communicate the company philosophy and the Volvo Cars Manufacturing’s principles. 按照公司的沟通原则和沃尔沃汽车制造原则来执行和沟通。
  • Perform all first line manager tasks concerning personnel and finance management.执行第一线经理有关人事和财务管理方面的任务。
  • Responsible for the target setting process of the assigned teams.对指定团队的目标设置过程负责。
  • Follow up results in the own teams and help prioritizing when necessary.对自己团队工作结果的跟进,并在必要时优先帮助和处理。
  • Works actively with cost awareness mind-set within the assigned teams.在指定团队工作积极并具有成本意识。
  • Ensure right manning on short and long term. 保证在长期和短期的人员配备是正确的。
  • Supervisor is the primary coach for the assigned team leaders and team members.主管指定团队的领导和团队成员。
  • Assure that the operators can do their job with the right quality and speed.负责保证操作员工能够以正确的质量和速度完成工作。
  • Secures that everybody contributes to the team’s performance, according to the Autonomous Management team concept. 根据团队自治管理的理念要确保团队中的每个人都能为团队绩效有所贡献。
  • Ensure a good communication and co-operation with and between the team members, other teams and the relevant support functions.确保团队成员之间、本团队与其他团队及相关支持部门间的良好沟通和合作。
  • Provides framework for teams to generate ideas and improvements. Assists team with implementation of ideas where appropriate.为团队提供思想和改进的框架,当合适的时候协助团队成员将想法变成实现。
  • Approve the non-operational tasks assigned to the team and make sure that they contribute to help the team carry out their operational tasks more lean and efficient.批准分配给团队的非经营性任务和确保他们能帮助团队更精简和高效执行其操作任务。


You And Your Skills

  • Minimum 3 years of experience as production manager on at least supervisor level in a production environment.至少3年生产企业主管或经理职位经验
  • Experience & knowledge from automotive industry or equivalent in the area's整车厂或相关领域的经验和知识
  • Strong team player and relationship builder. Good interpersonal skills. Self-motivator and flexible.强有力的团队成员和关系建立者,良好的人际交往技能,积极主动并且比较灵活。
  • Skilled in leadership and coaching, being able to motivate, teach and encourage people. 良好的领导力和辅导能力,能自我激励,教导和鼓励员工。
  • Able to work efficiently under high pressure.能在高压下有效工作的能力。
  • Strong believer in standardized work and Lean production principles.强烈信任标准化工作和精益生产原则。
  • Good knowledge of MS windows and MS office applications. 良好的办公软件操作系统的知识和技能。
  • Good oral/written English.良好的口头和书面英文技能。

VCCN-Chengdu, CN

Job requisition ID:  62059

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