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Process Engineer


Building information system :( that is involved in a number of key production process and tasks)
① Based on process and quality assurance, apply BIS to implement related function and create effective output.
② Lead improvements initiatives with focus on problems analysis and solving securing a good guiding significance for production.
③ Ensure BIS properly implemented on the development and test of new/existing equipment with tooling/IT/supplier. Participate in rule making and act as a bridge between signal communications and equipment functionality.
④ Participate in and support activity of error proofing. Focus on problem analysis, as well as to be able to bring about effective and executable solutions.
⑤ Fast response on system/equipment/printers problems and lead problem estimate/analysis/solving, using knowledge within the field of expertise.
Ensure flawless introduction of Legal document, which means:
① Based on the basic legal information, analyse deviation of new car models and make rule to ensure effective implementation in system. 
② Lead the test of legal documents (COC certificate/vehicle certificate/vehicle safety check/fuel consumption label/legal photo).Analyse and solve related problems ASAP to ensure new car models with accurate certifications.
Act as a window in cooperation with MP&L/Launch, which means:
① In Running, coordinate and support improvement activities with MP&L team. Create/coordinate the time plan and output MAD changes.
②In Project, together with launch team verify the material information of new project car and create picking list.
③ Base on balance and BOM, build and manage project/running material addressing date base to ensure correct material distribution. Focus on analysis, solving and continuous improvement of
BIS/BOM/PII deviation.


Minimum level of competence is bachelor degree in engineering or above.
Knowledge about the processes, methods, and tools at Manufacturing.
Good logical thinking ability.
English in spoken and written.
Strong ability to co-operate. 
Good time management.
Practical experience from the production/manufacturing process preferable.

VCCN-Chengdu, CN

Job requisition ID:  57041

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