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Thesis work: Vehicle Hold

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Description of thesis work




Along with the vehicle autonomy campaign across the global vehicle industry, a large number of active vehicle motion control functions have been invented and developed, in order to enhance safety and comfort during driving.


Vehicle Hold is such popular comfort control function that automatically holds the vehicle in position without requiring the driver to press the brake pedal. Hold is realized by applying appropriate brake torque to hold the vehicle stationary in a given inclination. To drive off from the Hold status, the driver needs to press the accelerator pedal and then the brakes are released automatically. The same principle goes to autonomous propulsive acceleration/torque request. This type of drive-off functionality is commonly called "Drive Away Release (DAR)".



Currently the DAR function is developed by different suppliers at different electronic control units (ECU) in Volvo Cars. In the present thesis, the objective is to develop one novel and generic concept of DAR function including Hold, for both manual and autonomous drivers. This includes the adaptation to different propulsive and brake actuators regarding the future hybrid and electric drivelines.


The main work expected is the functional design to handle DAR at a number of different road inclinations, e.g. flat ground, up-hill, and down-hill. At up-hill DAR it is required to ensure torque balance between driver requested propulsive torque with the brake torque ramp-out to avoid roll-back. In downhill, less propulsion is required and is thus more dependent on the brake torque ramp-out. The DAR functionality should be responsive and adaptive to the driver acceleration request that may vary from a slow smooth drive-off to a fast drive-off with high acceleration request. This driver acceleration can be realized by either manual driver pedal or autonomous propulsive torque request.

The work also includes development to handle different driver use cases concerning system safety requirements, e.g. if the driver releases the accelerator pedal directly after a DAR, then the vehicle may roll-back or remain in standstill due to torque balance. Functionality such as detecting standstill during a specific time or vehicle roll-back together with autonomously request brake torque to reach standstill and re-enter hold can be developed.


The thesis work will include the following parts:

Study and benchmark the state-of-art Vehicle Hold and Drive Away Release functionalities.

Using Matlab/Simulink, design the Hold and DAR function regarding the brake torque application and release.

Study the ISO 26262 electronic system safety standard in general and its application of DAR function safety goals, refine the functionality including safety concept design.

Further design the DAR function including acceleration request via autonomous propulsive torque request.

Implement and verify the designed concept with CarMaker simulation environment provided by Volvo Cars.

Develop the executable algorithm in a rapid-prototype test vehicle, using dSPACE Autobox.

Refine and verify the complete functionality in the test vehicle, at different road inclinations and drive-off scenarios.



The duration of the study will be 20 weeks (30 ETCs, MSc thesis). The work will be carried out at Volvo Car Corporation: VCC.


Suitable Student background

Vehicle Dynamics and Control. Both Mechanical and Control engineering are valuable.

Starting date Jan 2020

Number of students: 2



Tutor / Contact person

Joakim Aidemark

tel: +46728870650

Meet Rakholia

tel: +46707264743



Volvo Car Corporation, PVD 2:2, Volvo Jakobs väg 17, 418 78 Göteborg.

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