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Thesis Work - Particle entrapment inside turbulent wakes using CFD and experiments

Thesis Worker at Volvo Cars

Welcome to explore the world of Volvo Cars by writing your thesis with us! As a thesis worker in our organization you are supported by a supervisor who follows you during your project. All thesis projects are arranged in business critical areas and therefore you will be able to contribute to our company purpose – providing freedom to move in a safe, sustainable and personal way – from day one! 



For autonomous drive the availability of sensors such as radars, LIDAR, and a cameras are a necessity, but there are a lot of factors to consider when developing a system that´s always available. At Contamination one of our aims are to make sure that your autonomous car works the same, regardless of all weather conditions. 


The Contamination group is a part of Volvo cars´ Sustainability Center and we work with complete vehicle testing in the aspect of contamination. Contamination of a car could be in the form of snow, rain, mud or dust and we perform both numerical analysis as well as physical testing in the wind tunnel and at our test tracks to avoid contamination problems on future cars. 


For autonomous The aim of the thesis is to quantify the process how particles in the form of droplets can be trapped inside turbulent wakes caused by protruding objects on an automotive vehicle. Examples of such objects are side mirror, lidar, side camera, or rear-view camera. The purpose of this work is to increase the understanding when exterior surfaces are soiled by water and dirt specifically at areas where there is a risk of obstruction of sensors. The student is expected to perform analytical work that predicts how droplets will interacts with turbulent wakes and when they risk to be entrapped. Preferably the analysis will be based on dimensionless numbers and force balances. A simplified reference case will be developed that clearly reproduce the studied phenomena. The case should be easy to simulate using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and simple enought to be build and tested in any of our wind tunnels. Transient CFD simulations are to be carried out using a Lagrangian-Eulerian framework, for example in StarCCM+ or any other suitable CFD-software. Ideally the student is interested in designing and performing experiments in wind tunnels as well as working with CFD using our inhouse particle simulation method. The student will work side by side with engineers at the Contamination group.


You contribution is our future
We are looking for students from Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Engineering Physics, or any other relevant engineering program. You have taken courses in CFD and Fluid Mechanics and have a passion for the subject. Experience with any CFD-software (e.g. StarCCM+, Fluent or OpenFOAM) is valuable. The candidate must be conducting a master of science in engineering. Knowledge in multiphase flows is meritorious. Your English is fluent.


•    The work will start in Spring 2023 but the start date could be discussed. 
•    The duration for this thesis work is 20 weeks
•    30 ECTS (Master academic credits) if in agreement with your Thesis Advisor in University.
•    This thesis is suitable for 1-2 students.


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Selection will be ongoing during the application period, so do not hesitate to send in your application. Attach your Cv and personal letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials.

Apply as soon as possible but no later than 31th of October.


Please note that due to GDPR applications via email will not be accepted.


For questions about the thesis work please contact Carl Norberg, Team manager Contamination and Thermal Efficiency, or supervisor Tobias Eidevåg at


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