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Thesis Work: Data science methods for customer insights from social media

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Data is transforming the society and business in an ever-increasing rate and scale, and the Big Data Group is committed to position Volvo Cars among the best in the discipline. This is achieved by constantly evolving state-of-the-art methodology, maintaining the technical center of excellence, research collaborations, and owning the resources required to process the vast amounts of data involved. The Big Data Group interacts closely to challenge itself and find new, stimulating perspectives where the use of Big Data methods revolutionize and strengthen various parts of the company and our products. Customer insight is of vital importance when defining requirement target levels, e.g. for an attribute area as Perceived Quality (PQ).
PQ refers to the visual quality perception of the harmony and execution of material, geometry, illumination, paint and surface finish and is a vital enabler for securing a premium experience and feel. As the name implies it is a highly subjective field area and thus has a close connection to the minds of the customers. With better understanding of the target customer´s views and thoughts within a certain attribute area, the objectivity can be increased and so the assurance of relevant requirement settings. This in turn can secure that time, effort and money is spent on the right things.



The aim of this thesis work is to support an increased understanding of our target audience´s view on a specific attribute area, e.g. Perceived Quality (PQ), using social media platforms and forums. The thesis work will focus on developing a data science pipeline for content analysis and synthesis that can support attribute areas to increase the relevance and reliability in customer needs and requirement target levels.


The proposed method should be able to help answering questions such as:

  • How do customer express themselves when talking about a specific attribute area in social media and in internet forums? What words do they use, expressions etc.
  • How much to they talk about this? What is the frequency?
  • What do people say about the attribute area in terms of positives and negatives, delights and complaints, expectations etc.
  • What sub-areas of an attribute area (e.g. Material, Geometry & Appearance and Illumination within PQ) do the customer talk about the most? More focus in any area?
  • Comparisons between competitors etc. More positive and negatives for specific brands? More frequencies of PQ for specific brands?

You would be working on the following data science tasks specifically answering the above questions:

  • Identify data sources and key indicators and measurable metrics in the context of above questions
  • Evaluate existing text analysis methods in context of answering the questions from perceived quality
  • Evaluate the compatibility of existing methods with the identified data sources
  • Develop an end-to-end data processing pipeline for measuring the identified indicators and metrics in the context of above questions


You are highly analytic and have data science skills in python. Experience in linguistics and big data analysis is very valuable. You are a Master’s degree student in: Computer Science or data science



Period: 1 semester, 30 ECTS points.

Starting date: February 2020.

Number of students: The project is a two-students project.



Attach your resume and cover letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials. Please note that applications arriving later then the last application date will not be taken in consideration. Selection will be ongoing during the application period. We want your application as soon as possible, but no later than 2020-01-31. Please note that applications via email will not be accepted.


Contact details

Ola Wagersten
Email: ola.wagersten@volvocars.com

Phone: +46729774658



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