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Master Thesis Project - Probe Data Coverage for Autonomous Driving maps

Master Thesis Project – Probe Data Coverage for Autonomous Driving maps

Looking for a master piece for your Master Thesis project? We are looking for an enthusiastic student to work with Probe Data Coverage for Autonomous Driving maps! Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

Who we are

Autonomous driving cars will rely on high definition maps, helping them to understand the environment around them. Since these maps may be used in safety critical applications it is of utmost importance that they are kept constantly verified and up to date. Most automakers plan to achieve this by using data from the sensors in customer cars to update the maps, by using the cars as “probes”. Since the number of cars with relevant sensors will be limited it is important to understand how the probe coverage will affect the quality of the map and the availability of the AD function.


What you'll do

The task is to consider two-three example cities, e.g. Göteborg and San Francisco, estimate the number of Volvo AD cars in 2022 and create a model of the probe data coverage that could be expected.


Some key points to consider:

  • Simulation of traffic: simulate the coverage based on Volvo sales figures and typical customer profiles.
  • Consider how probesourcing is affected by different traffic conditions. Take e.g. sensor field of view and typical distance to surrounding traffic into account to estimate the effects of heavy traffic.
  • Consider how often the different map attributes needs to be verified by probes.
  • Consider traffic patterns in different countries.
  • Model the rate of change in road furniture, e.g:
    • Worn out of lane markings
    • Damaged barriers due to traffic accidents
    • Change of traffic signs
    • Influence by different weather conditions


The main output from the thesis project should be the following two deliverables:

  • A well-documented simulation software written in Matlab, with easily changeable input parameters and easily interpretable output.
  • A report describing relevant findings, e.g. connected to the key points above.


Who you are

A Requirement for this position is that you are currently enrolled in an ongoing Master of Science programme.

Related areas for this thesis are intelligent transportation system, traffic simulation and data analysis.
Related papers:

Urban computing
ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)


ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology


How to learn more and apply

Apply to the job through our job portal and attach your resume and cover letter. Applications will be reviewed continuously and we suggest that you apply as soon as possible, but at the latest 2019-09-13!

Please note that we do not accept any CV’s via e-mails.


For more information about the position, please contact Jibin Ou, system developer autonomous drive. or Johan Löfhede, Technical Specialist probe sourced maps and positioning.

For information about the recruitment process, please contact Dalila Kendic, 


Proposed/estimated work period is starting as soon as possible and up to 6 months forward.


Gothenburg, O, SE

Job requisition ID:  22887

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