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Intern: Government Reporting Specialist

Want to innovate to make life simpler?

At Volvo Cars, we’re on a mission to make people’s lives less complicated. We never start with technology and try to squeeze people in around it – we always design our cars around people, and we innovate to provide safe, sustainable and convenient mobility. Want to join us?


Volvo Summary:   

  • Volvo’s mission is to be the world’s most progressive and desired premium car company and to make people’s lives less complicated. Here at Volvo we are looking for individuals that want to be a part of this progressive change as well as be talented, committed and fun spirited when joining our globally diversified workforce. Employees at Volvo Car Inc. are the key component to our current and future success. We still continue to follow the initial core values instilled by our founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson (Gothenburg, Sweden Circa 1927). Everything we do here at Volvo starts with people in mind. We are looking for employees who are analytical, interpersonal, technical and teamwork driven to join the Volvo family and by providing our employees with a foundation for success we can help develop the latest and greatest innovations to the car manufacturing market. 



Job Summary: 

  • The position’s main responsibility will be to ensure correlation of all required government report volume numbers to the specific existing model year CAFÉ report, state NMOG report and the NHTSA TREAD report, and to ensure timely report submissions to all state/federal agencies based on regulatory requirements. 


Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Develop an Excel matrix file using macros to correlate sales volume numbers using the base CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and NMOG (Non-Methane Organic Gas) state volume numbers for all required reports including the TREAD (NHTSA Safety requirement) report. 

  • Validate and verify sales numbers with warranty figures per model year and model to ensure accurate data. 

  • Drill down of and correlation between ERC data and the TREAD data to ensure correlation of defect rates and identification of potential concerns to support report defect volumes. 

  • Develop a time-line based schedule for all report submission deadlines to EPA-CARB-NHTSA-Canada. 

  • Participate in the Monday ERC (Emission Related Components) weekly meeting. 

  • Participate in the Bi-Weekly Emission Planning Meeting with VCC-VCUS. 


Key Competencies/Abilities: 

  • Highly proficient in Excel (and/or) other computer database programs. 

  • Ability to understand and disseminate data described in Volvo’s warranty system based on ERC and TREAD requirements. 

  • Ability to write and communicate effectively across levels of the department/organization. 

  • Ability to present findings and information to the department in a logical and concise manner. 

  • Ability to identify number deviations and provide potential solutions in the data.


Who are we?

Volvo Cars is a company on a mission; to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable and smart future.

Since 1927, we have been a brand known for our commitment to safety, creating innovative cars that make life less complicated for our consumers. In 2010, we decided to transform our business, resulting in a totally new generation of cars and technologies, as well as steady growth and record sales. Today, we’re expanding our global footprint in Europe, China and the US, and we’re on the lookout for new talent.

We are constantly pushing our own skills and abilities to drive change in the automobile industry like never before. We are looking for innovative, committed people to join us in this endeavour and create safe, sustainable and connected cars. We believe in the power of people and will challenge and support you to reach your full potential. Join us and be part of Volvo Cars’ journey into the future.

Charleston, SC, US

Job requisition ID:  22260

Nearest Major Market: Charleston South Carolina
Nearest Secondary Market: South Carolina

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